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Team announcement 2018 IAU Asia-Oceania Ultra Running Championships

04-Oct-2018 18:06

Team announcement 2018 IAU Asia-Oceania Ultra Running Championships


1. India will be sending a team for the 2018 IAU 24 Hour Asia & Oceania Championships to be held on 01 – 02 December 2018 at Soochow University, Taipei, in the special municipality of Taiwan. The Asia and Oceania IAU members invited for this event include India, Hong Kong, Jordan, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Chinese Taipei, Australia and New Zealand. The IAU and LOC (Local Organizing Committee) has allowed a maximum of 06 women and 06 men runners per team who are selected by the Athletic Federation, to participate in the Championships.

2.The Ultra Running Committee of the Athletics Federation of India laid down the following criteria for selecting the team:


  Race Gender Specific Benchmark Qualifying Period
(a) 24 Hour Race M 185 Km 01 June 2017 to 28 September 2018
    F 145 Km 01 June 2017 to 28 September 2018
(b) 100 mile / 160 Km M 18 hours 01 June 2017 to 28 September 2018


Since some runners had shifted to longer distances (36/48 hours etc), runners who had successfully completed these longer distances in past 15 months were allowed to submit their 24 hour or 100-mile timings from 1 June 2016 and were eligible for selection if they met either of the above criteria.


3.    The selection committee is pleased to announce that there has been a remarkable jump in the standards achieved by the Indian ultra-runners since 2017. when the AFI participated for the first time in the IAU 24 Hour World Championships at Belfast. The application process was open for a month and closed on 28 September 2018. A total of 56 athletes including 6 women applied for being part of the team.  

The following is the result of the selection process:


S. No. Name Gender Specific Benchmark achieved
1. Meenal Kotak F 175.480 km
2. Aparna Choudhary F 169.245 km
3. Mamta Jaiswal F 151.430 km
4. Hemlata Saini F 150.800 km
5. Smriti Kathait F 148.800 km
1. Ullas Narayana M 216.000 km
2. Vishal Adhau M 196.390 km
3. Sunil Sharma M 191.880 km
4. Satpal Rayka M 190.65 km
5. Manoj Kuthupady Bhat M 189.800 km
6. Lallu Lal Meena M 186.550 km
  Standby (Men)    
1. Pranaya Pratap Mohanty M 186.55 Km


4.    Experienced Ultra runner Sunil Chainani will accompany the team as Team Leader. The AFI wishes the selected athletes all the best in their preparation for the 24 Hour Asia & Oceania Championships.


-CK Valson
(Secretary AFI)


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