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Qualifying Guidelines for 23rd Asian Athletics Championships Doha (Qatar) 21-24 April, 2019

01-Jan-2019 20:42

Qualifying Guidelines for 23rd Asian Athletics Championships Doha (Qatar) 21-24 April, 2019


       MEN                                       EVENT      WOMEN
    10.25                                       100 M    11.40
    20.60                                       200 M    23.30
    45.85                                       400 M    52.75
    01:48.00                                       800 M    2:05.00
    03:46.00                                       1500 M    4:15.00
    13:50.00                                       5000 M    15:50.00
    29:50.00                                      10000 M    32:50.00
    Xxx                                   MARATHON    xxx
                                       100 M H    13.50
    13.50                                      110 M H  
    50.00                                      400 M H    57.50
    08:35.00                                      3000 M SC    9:50.00
    05.40                                   POLE VAULT    4.25
    2.25                                    HIGH JUMP    1.85
    7.90                                    LONG JUMP    6.45
    16.50                                   TRIPLE JUMP    13.80
    19.50                                      SHOT PUT    17.00
    60.00                                 DISCUS THROW    58.50
    80.75                                JAVELIN THROW    58.00
    73.50                                HAMMER THROW    63.00
    7500                                  DECATHALON  
                                   HEPTATHLON    5800
                                   20 KM WALK  
                                   50 KM WALK  
    39.00                                4X100 M RELAY    44.50
    NQS                                4X400 M RELAY    3:34.00
    3::20.00                                 MIXED RELAY    3::20.00

(DATE OF PUBLICATION: 01-01-2019; Last amended on 02-01-2019)

Athletics Federation of India (AFI) is the apex body for controlling, promoting and managing sport of Athletics in India and is affiliated to the IAAF, AAA, MYAS and Indian Olympic Association. As declared in Memorandum of Association of AFI in its Constitution, AFI is responsible to select and control the Indian Athletics Contingent for the Olympics, Asian Games, Common Wealth & SAF Games and various other International competitions under the patronage of IOA, IAAF and other federations/associations.

1)    23rd Federation Cup National Senior Athletics Championships (Federation Cup 2019) to be held from 15-18 March 2019 in Patiala will be the final selection trials for the 23rd Asian Athletics Championships to be held from 21-24 April 2019 in Doha. 

2)    It is mandatory for ALL the athletes to participate and achieve Qualification Standards set by AFI in Federation Cup 2019 to be considered for selection in Indian team for Asian Athletics Championships 2019.

3)    Due to specified reasons, AFI may exempt selected ELITE athletes from participation in Federation Cup 2019 based on advice of AFI Experts/Coaches/Selection Committee. Such athletes will be eligible for selection in the Indian team subject to final decision of AFI Selection Committee.  

4)    It is the sole responsibility of Athletes/Coaches who are not part of the National Camps to declare their whereabouts and place of training/coaching and contact AFI (through AFI office, National Chief Coach, Deputy Chief Coach) well in advance and submit their documents required for Accreditation. AFI will not be responsible for negligence of Athletes/Coaches in case documents required for Accreditation are not submitted before the deadline. An athlete may not be able to travel to Doha for AAC 2019 with Indian team even after achieving Qualification Standards and selected by Selection Committee if he/she is not accredited by AAC 2019 Organising Committee. Last date for sending such details to AFI is 28th February 2019.

5)    ONLY one athlete per event attaining Qualifying Standards set by AFI will be selected in the team. However, in case more than one athlete attains the qualifying standards set by AFI, it is the sole prerogative of selection committee to include or reject the entry of second athlete. If deemed tactically or technically necessary or in cases where chances/probability of winning more than one medal in the same event, more than one athlete attaining Qualifying Standard may be selected in the team. The decision of Selection Committee will be final in such cases. 

6)    If none of the athletes achieve the Qualification Standard in a particular event as mentioned in the Qualifying Guidelines chart attached, the Selection Committee may select the best athlete if there are chances/probability of winning a medal in that particular event. 

7)    Athletes who are not a part of the National Coaching Camps and are training elsewhere, their final selection in the team will be subject to their repeat performance in the confirmatory trials to be held at a later date. Confirmatory trials for such athletes will be held on 13th April 2019 at the venue of their coaching camp. The trials will be conducted by AFI.   

8)    As approved and declared in the AFI AGM held on 20-21 Oct. 2018, the Relay Teams (Men & Women- 4x100m, 4x400m; Mixed- 4x100m, 4x400m)  will be selected ONLY from the members attending the National Coaching Camps. If the number of athletes are more than required in National Coaching Camps then the final relay squad will be picked on the advice of the concerned coach and Selection Committee considering results of the Federation Cup/Confirmatory trials.

9)    Once selected, until the Asian Athletics Championships 2019, athletes are required to immediately report any injury, illness, or change in training status that could affect their ability to compete at their highest level. Failure to properly report injury or illness prior to the event may result in the athlete being removed from the team.

10)    Once selected, all athletes will be required to complete a Medical Information Form. These questionnaires will ask athletes to declare all supplements and medications that are being used prior, during and after the event.

11)    AFI follows NO NEEDLE POLICY and all Athletes are required to strictly adhere to AFI’s NO NEEDLE POLICY.

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